Our Story


IHUOMA  is a luxury lingerie brand that celebrates the beauty of the modern Black Woman. The aim is to enrich and empower women of colour to find their divine femininity, be bold about their sensuality and the possibilities that arise from living their true self, unapologetically!


The collections explore themes of self-love, empowerment and sensuality with the ultimate desire to show women how incredible they are in their skin by complimenting and enhancing the inherent beauty of all black women. Created by a black woman, IHUOMA, at its core, is a luxury brand aimed at Black Woman, but not exclusive to her.  The collections are for all women, wanting to connect to their spirit, their divine feminine


Divine Feminine is the debut collection developed around the darker nude tone, designed using luxurious silks and embroidered French Tulle in the deep tonal colours and highlighted with accents of gold and bronze. The bespoke embroidery was designed by me, Annabelle Mu’azu and my daughter, A’isha and pays homage to the Egyptian Ankh, which symbolises vivaciousness, loving energy and life, an embodiment of feminine /masculine verve and is a reminder to the women wearing IHUOMA, that they are modern-day goddesses





Meaning ~ 'I am Fortune, I am Favoured, I am Love'

‘The creative in me wanted to do things differently ... I wanted to create something luxurious using exquisite fabrics and the finest materials & components that would complement and celebrate our glorious melanin hues. I wanted to create ART because WE, Black Women, are ART!

I wanted to design unique embroidery that spoke (to the culture and) to our spirit, like love letters from our ancestors - empowering us with wisdom, grace, love. Lingerie and lounge pieces that you would want to keep for an eternity & eventually pass on to your daughters, knowing that they would do the same to their daughters – designs that would become woven into one’s lineage almost. Lingerie that you would adorn for beautiful occasions, spent with SELF, as well as your lovers.

My desire was to create poetic lingerie that versed our stories and danced with our senses.  Creations that you would fall in love with again & again. That told stories, or evoked moods, reminders of far off exotic places or a welcoming space in time ~ wherever home is to you ~ special moments of pure love. This is what I want to evoke in my collections….

My collections are not just luxury lingerie but your higher spirit enveloping you with love, an expression of your identity and divinity, because of all women, black women are beautiful and deserving of beauty & art  caressing their skin & surrounding their essence ~ we are Feminine Divine.


Annabelle Ihuoma Mu'azu