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Divine Feminine Bras

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Discover our luxurious collection of briefs crafted from our exclusive French embroidery, and softest sumptuous silk.  Designed to compliment the exquisite melanin rich tones of your peach!

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Divine Feminine is our inaugural luxury signature collection created to enrich the beauty of Black women. An exploration of empowerment, self love and a black woman's inherent Divine Femininity.

 The exclusive bespoke embroidery was designed by Founder Annabelle & daughter, A'isha. Developed around darker nude tones and rendered on illusion tulle, the sacred symbol of the Egyptian Ankh is at its core, surrounded by interpretations of the Sun and Moon. Symbolising vivacious, loving energy, it was created to envelope the wearer as a second skin, creating sensual dancing patterns over skin, like a sacred tattoo, enhancing natural skin tones. 

Divine Feminine is a reminder to the woman wearing her, that they are beautiful modern day goddesses

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 Asase Ya is the Earth Goddess of Fertility of the Bono People, Akan ethic group of Ghana.  Mother Earth or Aberewaa, she is a goddess who represents the earths womb, giving birth and to whom we return.  She is the upholder of truth, the creator Goddess & nurturer. Her Adrinka Symbol is the Asase Ye Duru, symbolising providence and the importance of Mother earth in sustaining life.  We honour her on her sacred day of Thursday.

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Goddess Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon. She is the female complement of the masculine Sun.

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Ma'at, also known as Maat or Mayet, was a female goddess in the ancient Egypt. She represented conceptions of divine order, truth, justice, balance and morality. The daughter of Sun deity Ra and wife of the Moon god Thoth, Ma'at  served a spirit of justice to the Egyptians.  She was the personification of the cosmic order and a representation of the stability of the universe.

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Mawu is the Creator or Moon Goddess known among the people of the Dahomey West Africa. The female aspect of the divinity Mawu-Lisa, she is associated with the moon, night, fertility, motherhood, gentleness, forgiveness, rest and joy. 

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Oshun is a Yoruba supreme being or ‘Orisha’ and she is a River Orisha.


Oshun is the goddess of Love, she is the spirit of divine femininity, the angel of fertility.  Known for her beauty and purity of form, she is the embodiment of sensuality.  She is also the source of prosperity, healing and synchronisation and like the river she flows, always to the rhythm, rise and fall of life, in this realm and all other. However, she possesses human elements such as vanity, jealousy, and spite, so always tread carefully with her, because she will sting, but you will be intoxicated by her & come back for more!


 The colour synonymous with her is yellow and her metal is the Gold or Bronze.

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