IHUOMA review by the divine, Lounge & Libation


 One of the pleasures that we truly appreciate is when our beautiful customers say such wonderful things about our collections and send pictures of their Ihuoma purchases.  However, when when one of your loyal customers, not only happens to be a lingerie enthusiast but also a lingerie blogger and Youtube Influencer - it's really special.
The divine Lacy Michelle or Lounge and Libation as she is known in the lingerie world, celebrates her love of luxury loungewear, lingerie, alongside sharing classic cocktail recipes, via her Youtube and Instagram page. She created her Youtube 'with women in mind ... & is about self-love, women's empowerment, debunking lingerie myths, and lots of gin.' 
Since our launch in October 2020, Lacy has purcahsed a number of pieces from our Divine Feminine, Asase Ya Chocolate and Mawu Copper Collections. Including Divine Feminine Embroidered Body   Asase Ya Chocolate Silk Kimono and her most recent purchase ithe Mawu Copper Silk Embroidery Longline Bralette & Mawu Copper Silk Brief.
We didn't sponsor or gift Lacey any of the pieces, she loved and believed in Ihuoma enough to invest her hard earned coin, not just once, twice but three times, all based on her love of our ethos, designs and 'work-womanship' of our designs.
@loungeandlibation's reviews are always incredibly thorough and this was no exception! She looked into our fit, the adjustability of our bras & the bodysuit, composition of our silk & components, how all her pieces washed over time and crucially value for money.  She also talked about how she found IHUOMA, just after we launched and like a magpie, was attracted to our warm rich toned silks, rare in lingerie and something she'd been searching for her lingerie collection. An added attraction to IHUOMA was our use of the Ankh in our bespoke Divine Feminine embroidery which resonated with her childhood fascination for Ancient Egyptian culture, which was just so beautiful to hear. 
Her wonderful review of her IHUOMA selection, meant so much it brought a tear to my eye, because on embarking on this journey, of creating a luxury experience for Women of Colour, but not exclusive to her - I wanted to make the women that chose IHUOMA feel incredible.  So to receive such an endorsement touched me!  
Thank you so much Lacy for your love and support & we can't wait to see you in more IHUOMA in the near future. 
So without further ado, and as Lacey says in her blog ...'please pour yourself a drink' and ENJOY this wonderful review. Click on the image below to watch and afterwards, check out her fab video on how to make my favourite cocktail - Espresso Martini (a total coincidence), which she did wearing our Asase Ya Chocolate Silk Kimono.  
𝒾𝒽𝓊𝑜𝓂𝒶 ☥
All pictures courtesy @loungeandlibation
Wishing you a wonderful month ahead.

𝒾𝒽𝓊𝑜𝓂𝒶 ☥