A June to Remember: A Flourishing Month for IHUOMA

As the summer sun shone brightly on our brand, June 2023 proved to be a fantastic month filled with accomplishments and exciting ventures. Not only did we introduce 2 new collections, YEMAYÁ and MAMI WATA to the world, but we also proudly welcomed two new stockists into our family.

The beautiful island of Ibiza and our 'spiritual home', now adorns our lingerie at the lingerie emporium Dolci Follie, pop up boutique; while we expanded our presence on the online platform promoting Black-owned luxury brands called Untapped Creatives.

Join us as we share the wonderful journey that made June an extraordinary success for IHUOMA.


The Allure of Our New Lingerie Collection:

June marked the unveiling of our latest lingerie collections, which we hoped with captivate and empower women. This collection was the result of meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to bringing out the confidence in every woman. We drew inspiration from West African / South American mythology and our fascination with mermaids, creating our unique bespoke embroidery, blending delicate yarns and vibrant hues, to create pieces that exude elegance and mysticism. The wonderful feedback from our loyal customers and followers and on social media reinforced the success of our new lingerie line which means so much to us. We'll be producing a more detailed post bout the inspiration and process creating the collections soon, but in the meantime, you can of course discover and shop all the collections HERE.


Embracing Ibiza with Dolci Follie:

Our journey took a sun-kissed turn as we ventured into the enchanting  Balearic island of Ibiza, known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. Collaborating with Dolci Follie, a boutique offering an exquisite selection of lingerie and swimwear, allowed us to extend our reach to a new and enthusiastic audience. Ibiza's allure aligns perfectly with our brand's spirit, and we are delighted to see our lingerie complementing the island's vibrant energy and fashion-forward clientele. This partnership exemplifies Ihuoma's dedication to offering our designs to diverse markets and sharing our passion for beauty and empowerment worldwide. Located at Calle Bisbe Azara 4, Ibiza 07800, the boutique is open Monday -Saturday 10:30h-23h and Sun 17h-23h


Dolcie Follie  Pop up boutique in Ibiza


Ihuoma Divine Feminine Set in Dolci Follie Boutique Window in Ibiza


Ihuoma pieces hanging in Dolci Follie boutique in Ibiza


Untapped Creatives: A Gateway to the World:

In the spirit of promoting diversity we joined forces with Untapped Creatives—an online multi-brand platform 'founded to create a bridge between the premium consumer and retail, where Black brands are under-represented and difficult to find. Untapped Creatives also partners with premium retailers and corporates through innovative Afro-Luxe Concepts, with their inaugural partnership with Selfridges starting April 2021.'

 This exciting partnership enables us to share our lingerie with a broader audience and strengthens our belief that there should be more commitment to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs in the luxury industry. Our partnership fosters mutual growth and allows us to make a positive impact. Our page features a selection from our Divine Feminine Collection, as well as our newly launched Yemayá collection. You can view our page Here: 


Ihuoma page on Untapped Creatives


June was undeniably a month of celebration for IHUOMA. The launch of our new lingerie collection, combined with the expansion of our presence on Ibiza through Dolci Follie and our partnership with Untapped Creatives, created a wave of success that we are very proud of. As we move forward, we carry with us the memories of June, reminding us of the passion that drives our brand's essence—a brand inspired by Women of Colour, empowering all women, celebrating creativity, and embracing diversity. We are excited by what the future holds and will continue to inspire and uplift those who choose to be a part of this empowering journey with IHUOMA.